Indoors is preferable when photographing young babies, and natural light coming through a window is beautiful for this kind of subject.  I would usually suggest that the shoot happens at the babies home, but this depends upon available space and light.  I can bring blankets with me to create different shots, although I am more concerned with capturing the baby in their home environment with the parents. My aim is to keep these sessions as relaxed and laid back as possible.

Obviously babies are very different at varying stages of their early development, so a baby who is crawling about will require a very different approach to a newborn. Once a baby is sitting up unaided, an outdoor shoot can be a great idea.

Something which would require a little planning in advance is a newborn shoot. This is a great time to capture them in their brand new form, and get some lovely sleepy shots. I love to capture the little details which are all too quickly forgotten, from their tiny toes and fingers to the little curl on the top of their head. Please contact me prior to your due date to discuss this, to avoid disappointment once the new arrival comes.

Due to the nature of this shoot, I would only really consider photographing one baby at a time, but would consider twins etc as an exception to the rule.

Please be aware that the number of images you can expect to get from a shoot varies depending upon how old, and therefore how interactive the baby is. Newborn shots will result in less images than a baby who is around 6 months old, although the newborn shots are a beautiful keepsake.   To get the most out of a baby shoot, I advise that parents are involved in the session, to add variety as well as capture lovely moments.

Another idea is to stagger the session in two shorter photoshoots through the year with a ‘Watch Me Grow’ package,  a newborn shoot then another from 6 months onwards. This not only guarantees you lots more images, but also an opportunity to capture these two stages of development in the first year. This package can be booked for £150.  Please be aware that with this, as with the newborn session, I would ideally like to talk to the parent-to-be before the babies arrival, so that we can discuss details in advance.

Click here to find out about session prices and what you get for your money. Please contact me if you have any queries about baby photoshoots.




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