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Newborn Shoot

February 24th, 2013 admin Blog No comments

I had the best time photographing newborn baby Morgan earlier in the week.

Morgan was 10 days old and so adorable, with such a lovely temperament.  We arrived at his house just outside Castle Douglas on a glorious sunny morning, and whilst Morgan’s mum topped him up we set up in the lightest room in the house. It was a small room, but it’s amazing how small a space you need for somebody so tiny!  We also put the heaters on high so as to make the room very warm, so that Morgan didn’t feel the cold when we took off his clothes.  Once we were ready to go, I took Morgan and calmly, quietly lay him down and soothed him back to sleep.

The beauty of newborns in the first two weeks of life is that they sleep most of the time.  I love capturing them when sleeping, as not only do you get some adorable little moments, you can also capture little details like their tiny fingers and toes, which would otherwise not be as easy.  They aren’t this new looking for very long, so it’s a lovely keepsake for any parent to hold onto.

I was surprised when I finished the two hours spent with him, to not have heard him cry once. I was even expecting it to get messy when his nappy was off, but I managed to escape that too!

Here are a few shots from the session…

FBMorganMontage1 FBMorganMontage2


Teen Fashion Shoots

February 18th, 2013 admin Blog No comments

I have just done one of the most amazing photo-shoots, where everything went so well on the day.  The model was stunning, the weather was uncharacteristically amazing for this time of the year (with wall-to-wall rain on every other day of the week), the flower garland I had asked Lily Knowles Florist to make me was beyond my expectations, and the make over by Pure Beauty just gave the model that extra wow factor.  This shoot was intended as a promotion for my new Teen Fashion Shoot Package, and for all of the above reasons, I am thrilled with the results.

Any teen wanting to book me for this package would get the same treatment as Moana.  Although I can’t guarantee the weather, I can guarantee a fantastic make-over at Pure Beauty, then onto a pre-planned location where I will spend up to 2 hours getting a variety of shots and making the client feel like a top model. I am always looking to make each session unique, and have lots of creative ideas to give the images something special, such as finding the perfect location or the ideal prop such as Moana’s gorgeous flower garland.  I would also encourage the model to bring along a variety of outfits and accessories to create a range of different looks and moods, going for everything from smiley beauty shots, to edgy ‘editorial’ type images.

A 2 hour session including a makeover with Pure Beauty costs £90 per model, and two models can share the session for £120. Anymore than two at a time should be discussed with me.

Why not book a Teen Fashion Session for a 16th birthday present? What a lovely way of capturing this special milestone, and making memories which will last a lifetime. You can order a Gift Voucher to cover the cost of this session by getting in touch with me.  There are so many ways of presenting the images, with products ranging from high quality prints and canvas prints, to coffee table books.  If you would like to find out more about this, or would like to book me then please contact me.

With thanks to:

Pure Beauty, Kirkcudbright

Lily Knowles Florist, Kirkcudbright


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Storybook Package

February 7th, 2013 admin Blog No comments

One of the most popular products from 2012 were coffee table books.  Some of my clients from last year were finding it hard to decide on a single image to present as a framed print or canvas, and liked the fact that the images put together told a nice story of the day.  For this reason, the coffee table book seemed to be the perfect answer, and made great Christmas gifts for grandparents too!

The coffee table books are of a lovely quality; hardback with a minimum of 20 sides, and printed on premium high-gloss archival-quality paper.  You can choose to have a personalised jacket featuring your favourite images, or a simpler, more classic linen cover with room for a small image on the front.  These books come in two sizes, and prices start at £65.

The clients who have booked me for more than one session throughout the year found that the book was a nice idea, as they not only had many more images to present, but they also had a variety of locations and colours running through their images as a result of the different seasonal changes.  For this reason, I have decided to put together a Storybook Package.  This package allows for two separate photo-sessions with me at different points in the  year, each one up to 2 hours long.  You then get a 30 sided coffee table book as your end of year keepsake, along with lots of fantastic images which will be on an online gallery as well as a dvd of low resolution images for your personal viewing pleasure. And of course, you are free to order duplicate copies of the books, make prints, canvases…whatever you wish.

The response to these books has been fantastic, with one client commenting:

‘Lovely quality books, they tell a real story and capture the smiles and unique expressions that we recognise and love. A lasting memory of my children in 2012 that we can look back on as they change so quickly. Perfect for parents and gifts.’ 

Contact me to find out more about this.