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Another catch up blog from last November, and once again this session was along the Dee on a very sunny afternoon.  My reason for choosing this location was simply that the glare from the sun was so great, that I knew the boat was always a reliable bit of shade, never minding the fact that it’s a fantastic backdrop.  It’s no wonder that this boat is so important to the local painting and photography community, and there was so much protest at the suggestion of it being removed a few years ago, that it now remains as a permanent fixture.  Not only this, but the walk along the Dee offers so many beautiful backdrops, from the reeds which glow when the sun comes down, to bridge along the walk and much more.

I agreed to meet this family at the harbour so that we could walk and shoot along the way.  As Rhys was so young and Mia so shy, I handed out bubbles as soon as we got to the boat, as this is always a good way of getting the kids to relax and forget they’re here for a photo shoot.  This certainly did the trick, and I snapped some of my favourite shots of little Rhys laughing, as his dad blew bubbles at him, as well as some more pensive shots of Mia.  Once they had relaxed, we carried on for a while, although I think we may have walked too far on this occasion in my enthusiasm to find new locations, but these two kids were such troopers.  As with all full sessions, you can have as much or as little as you want of the two hours you have booked me for, and in this case little Mia wasn’t feeling well, so we called it a day as the sun was coming down.  I got some great shots of these two kids, and know that their mum is delighted with the images.

Here are a few of my favourite images



Mia_Rhys_20131110_077f Mia_Rhys_20131110_172f

Mia_Rhys_20131110_140 Mia_Rhys_20131110_131f



Mia_Rhys_20131110_445f Mia_Rhys_20131110_441f Mia_Rhys_20131110_341f

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