Buttercups & Belties

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I was recently approached to do a session by a woman I know, whose family are soon to be leaving the area. She mentioned that she would love to somehow include some belted galloway cows in the photos as a little nod to the area she has grown to love so much, and had envisaged the kids standing at a fence and having them far away in the background. Now, I can admit that in my former career I had collected lots of influential ‘contacts’ over the years, but never before could I lay claim to having contacts in the beltie industry!! I texted a friend David Corrie, whose family own some belted galloways in Kirkcudbright, and his family immediately offered to help us out. So exciting to an old city girl like me, possibly not so exciting to anyone else 🙂

I went to the Mitchell house on a sunny early evening a few weeks ago, and was thrilled that mum had really taken everything on board I had asked her to do with regards to styling, props etc.  We started in their garden, then after a quick outfit change we all went to location number 2, another garden but absolutely full of buttercups. By this point the sun was really low and golden, so I managed to get some lovely backlit, hazy shots of the girls with buttercup chains in their hair. The piece de resistance was the final stop at the farm in Tongland, where Mr Corrie took us all into the top field with the belties, then put some feed down so that they could feed a stone’s throw away from the kids, who sat open mouthed in amazement at being so close to these beasts. It was such an experience, even though we were all smelling cow muck for days to follow.  A big thankyou to the Corrie for making this possible.

This was a good example of how to get the most of a session.  The kids were adorable and so easy to photograph, they enjoyed themselves and didn’t find it boring, and the end result was loads of great images which the parents are thrilled with.


Mitchell_20130610_272f Mitchell_20130610_657

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Mitchell_20130610_439f Mitchell_20130610_452f

Mitchell_20130610_535f Mitchell_20130610_521f Mitchell_20130610_494f Mitchell_20130610_492f Mitchell_20130610_026f

Mitchell_20130610_549f Mitchell_20130610_578f Mitchell_20130610_652f

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