A typical children’s session can usually last anywhere from 30 minutes up to 2 hours, depending upon how many children are being photographed and how much they are enjoying it. Sessions can be held in any outdoor location, and I would normally suggest somewhere where the children can have an adventure, run around and enjoy themselves.  Good suggestions include the beach, parks or even in their own home environment if the surroundings are large enough for variety.

My aim is to make a photography session with your child not seem laborious or boring. I try to make it fun and exciting for the child, and I incorporate lots of fun into the shoot as well as giving them opportunities to play, whilst getting natural, candid shots in the process.  I do also try to get more ‘posed’ portraits, but always trying to keep things as natural as possible.

Numbers aren’t limited for my photography sessions, but please bear in mind that the more children there are,  the less time I can spend on each child, so consider carefully what you really want to get out of a session.   The larger numbers would work well when photographing something like a birthday party or event, where I will focus on the group primarily, but to get a better chance of capturing individual portraits, then anything up to three children is a lovely group to work with in my opinion.

As a parent of three very different children, I am aware that each child is unique.  Some may be extrovert and up for anything, others will be shy and afraid of the camera. I embrace this fully, and love the fact that you can try to capture a bit of a childs soul in a photo, whether that be a child jumping for joy whilst shouting, or sitting quietly with their favourite teddy.  With this in mind, I steer well away of the traditional approach of trying to force the child to smile for the camera, and am more interested in capturing their quirky expressions, belly laughter or pensive moments. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy if they do smile, so long as it’s a real smile and not forced because they feel pressured into it.

Expect to get anything between 50-200 fully edited images to choose from for a full session, which will be displayed on your own private gallery for up to 12 months.  The number of images will depend upon how many children are being photographed, and how long is spent with the family, which can vary from session to session.

Click here to find out about session prices and what you get for your money. Please contact me to discruby21uss this further.

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