Early Summer at the Beach

September 11th, 2013 admin Blog No comments

Giles and I met up with these two siblings and their mum at Sandyhills beach, one early evening in July.  It was the most perfect setting, as not only did the kids have lots of fun but the colours were just amazing at this time of the day.  I was particularly impressed at the effort their mum made in what they were wearing, particularly the pink dress and fantastic straw hat worn by her daughter.

The two kids played in the sand, and I directed them into various positions, but the actual ‘poses’ came so naturally.  They were such great kids, who enjoyed nothing more than running around and jumping, something which Giles spent time capturing with his wide angle lens.  I think by the end we were all pretty worn out with all the running around, but we all had such good fun!


Irving_20130710_022f Irving_20130710_384f


Irving_20130710_184f Irving_20130710_040f




Irving_20130710_561f Irving_20130710_550f



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