Who Needs the Sun?

April 19th, 2013 admin Blog No comments

The day before I photographed Lauren, Jess & Louis, I had walked along the route where we were to meet. The sun was going down, and it was beautiful, with a lovely golden glow making all of the otherwise drab looking surroundings come to life. I  went home and immediately contacted their mum to meet at the same time the following day, and had been so excited to do a session in this light, with lots of planned shots with the ‘golden hour’ light in mind.

The day arrived and the sun shone down, the skies were blue and I was confident all would be perfect….but as Giles and I walked along the path to the meeting point, a dark grey cloud stretched across the sky and the sun was gone!  I was gutted!

As soon as I met the three siblings, they were laughing and giggling away, and were really happy to get stuck in. I took lots of group shots, as well as spending some time on individual portraits, and they were a pure joy to work with.  I was really happy with how this shoot turned out, and hope they were too. It goes to show that you can’t rely on the weather, especially here in Scotland, but if you have great subjects then your job is a doddle!
McLachlan_20130410_025bw McLachlan_20130410_027bw


McLachlan_20130410_008 McLachlan_20130410_074 McLachlan_20130410_109 McLachlan_20130410_034

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