Storybook Package

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One of the most popular products from 2012 were coffee table books.  Some of my clients from last year were finding it hard to decide on a single image to present as a framed print or canvas, and liked the fact that the images put together told a nice story of the day.  For this reason, the coffee table book seemed to be the perfect answer, and made great Christmas gifts for grandparents too!

The coffee table books are of a lovely quality; hardback with a minimum of 20 sides, and printed on premium high-gloss archival-quality paper.  You can choose to have a personalised jacket featuring your favourite images, or a simpler, more classic linen cover with room for a small image on the front.  These books come in two sizes, and prices start at £65.

The clients who have booked me for more than one session throughout the year found that the book was a nice idea, as they not only had many more images to present, but they also had a variety of locations and colours running through their images as a result of the different seasonal changes.  For this reason, I have decided to put together a Storybook Package.  This package allows for two separate photo-sessions with me at different points in the  year, each one up to 2 hours long.  You then get a 30 sided coffee table book as your end of year keepsake, along with lots of fantastic images which will be on an online gallery as well as a dvd of low resolution images for your personal viewing pleasure. And of course, you are free to order duplicate copies of the books, make prints, canvases…whatever you wish.

The response to these books has been fantastic, with one client commenting:

‘Lovely quality books, they tell a real story and capture the smiles and unique expressions that we recognise and love. A lasting memory of my children in 2012 that we can look back on as they change so quickly. Perfect for parents and gifts.’ 

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