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An urban feel

June 15th, 2012 admin Blog No comments

It’s so nice to be back and raring to go with the photography again, as not only did my being ill keep me away but the weather also took a turn for the worst last week.  Not that I’m a fair weather photographer, in fact I was thankful of the overcast days in favour of the harsh sunshine, but it’s the rain which always ruins the day, and it seemed to be raining on the days I’d planned to go out with my camera. I’ve been at too many weddings in the pouring rain to rush out in a hurry…although you can get some amazing photographs it has to be said!

I managed to get siblings Austen and Emily out on a fine afternoon, however, which was really great fun.  I love Austen’s skater style which had me frantically searching for a more urban location to photograph him in, as I didn’t think the pictureque natural surrounding of Kirkcudbright would suit him somehow.  I had a few spots in mind, but after taking a cycle down Dee Walk which is where local businesses are based I found some great locations. This was much to the amusement of the men who work there, as when I asked  if I could come back and take photo’s later on they looked confused, as if to say BUT WHY?! It’s certainly not an attractive spot, but there are so many doorways and industrial backdrops which suited the look and feel I was going for with Austen so I was really happy.  Even better, right across the road you have the estuary, with the beautiful reeds and wrecked boats. It’s one of my favourite locations, and one I might have to stop using for a while for fear of overdoing it, but it was perfect for Emily.

Emily is quite shy, so this was another challenge for me as I wasn’t sure how she would respond to the whole experience.  I have to say though, that both kids were lovely and so easy to work with.  I was really pleased with how the photo’s came out and can’t wait until the next one…


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Frustrated in my sick bed

June 1st, 2012 admin Blog No comments

SistersI am so excited to be in the throws of setting up Alice Rose Portraits, but have had a frustrating week with a chest infection, and therefore have been unable to get out and snap away.  Since we’ve been enjoying such fab sunshine lately, I’ve been loving the early evenings here and have had my camera permanently attached to me whilst I drag my children out to some of the amazing spots near to where we live. My poor family are long suffering, especially with a photographer for a dad, and I admit I have to bribe them now to get them to join me, but they are all so supportive of my passion, and I’m so lucky to have such fantastic and willing kids!

So, tucked up on the sofa all week, all I’ve had to do – besides trying to get this website together – is read.  I’m reading a great book  by Ginny Felch called ‘Photographing Children’ which is really inspiring, and filling my head with so many ideas that it’s fit to burst!  Feeling a touch better after dinner last night, I persuaded my two girls after their bath to let me photograph them …the eldest felt a bit shy about this, but after a little bribery she soon came around.  I love how their skin looks so perfect and their hair tangled together makes them look so much like sisters, yet  they are each displaying their individual personalities as well.  I did try to persuade my son to join in, but being a 10 year old boy it really wasn’t happening, bribes or no bribes!

So back to my sick bed until I’m ready to get out there again. I have a few children lined up to photograph next week and so many ideas for them, so until then I’ll just have to sit patiently.

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