Beach Huts

February 16th, 2014 admin Blog No comments

In the lead up to last Christmas, I had a few late bookings for parents who wanted to give photos as gifts.  This shoot was one of them, and we were lucky enough to have a few lovely days in November which I took full advantage of.

The organisers of Kirkcudbright Art & Craft Trail had erected some fabulous beach huts at the harbour square which I’d had my eye on for ages.  The colours are rich and vivid, and always remind me of a place I used to live called Hove in East Sussex, where these colourful huts line the promenade.  I decided to meet the two sisters here, and as anticipated, they made great props, particularly as the November landscape is less colourful than I would like.  After this, we took a quick wonder up Dee Walk to my favourite boat wreck, which as it turned out, was actually owned by the grandad of the two sisters.  It’s so nice to have a bit of history to make a location so much more meaningful.

Here are a few of my favourites from this shoot.







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