New ‘Bump to Baby’ Shoot

July 29th, 2018 admin Blog No comments

I was approached by Stephanie’s mum a month or so ago, as she was looking for a maternity/newborn shoot for her daughter.  This isn’t something I’ve ever done before, but having given it some thought I felt quite excited at the prospect of getting my teeth into something new.  I definitely had in my mind the kind of shots I was going for, and knew that an early evening when the light was going down at the beach would be the best setting for this.  It just so happened that Steph has a favourite beach, so the plans were made and her mum presented Steph with a surprise ‘bump to baby’ voucher at her baby shower.

I couldn’t have been happier with the maternity shoot. Steph paid attention to what I’d asked her to wear, as well as bringing a flower garland for her hair which was a lovely little detail, and she looked absolutely stunning.  Bradley was a star, taking direction well and really just getting stuck in. I loved that they brought along their dog, sporting her very own ‘big sister’ scarf. Arabella arrived a few weeks after this, and I went over to their house to capture the beautiful new arrival with her doting parents.

I’m so happy to get a glowing review from Steph today. Thanks Steph! 🙂

Really wanted a bump to baby shoot done but im not a hugely confident person and decided i wouldn’t bother. However when we were gifted a ‘bump to baby’ package from my family with Alice Rose Portraits i was so excited and im so glad we had it done, totally would have regretted missing out!

Lynne did an amazing job at making us feel relaxed and at ease the whole time! Our maternity shoot was on a beach that holds a lot of special memories and she did our newborn shoot in the comfort of our home. We loved every minute of them both and the pictures are something we will treasure forever as a journey through our first pregnancy and holding our baby in our arms – they are so special to us. Thank you again Lynne x

The ‘Bump to Baby’ package is now available.  Please go to my Prices page for more information.

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