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I’ve been offering Coffee Table Books for many years now, but have recently been forced to change suppliers.  After a really thorough period of researching different companies and what they offered, we are thrilled to have found a new supplier.  These new coffee table books are just lovely, really exceptional quality and finish.

Coffee Table books are a wonderful way of getting the photos from your shoot in print, and you invest in something beautiful to look back on for years to come. Very often I hear clients remark that they are going to struggle to choose which images to print, so I usually tell them about the Coffee Table Books as a solution to that problem, as they can have as many images as they like.   This is not the only reason I encourage clients to consider the books, however. During a photo shoot, I very often try to document what is going on around me in between the portraits.  I love the more natural reportage style of photography, as they capture people in a more relaxed state.  Although these images are very often the favourites for clients, they aren’t always those shots which would work well on their own, framed on a wall. This is why coffee table books have become increasingly popular, as they tell a story of the day, and capture real memories of that period of time.

This hardcover photobook is of an extremely high quality, is 29x28cm and photographically printed onto real photo paper (gloss or matte). It also comes in a presentation box.

To test it out, I designed a book with images I’ve taken of my children over the past few years, but had never printed out myself.  I’m so happy with the book now that I have it back, not only because of its superior quality to books previously offered, but because it’s so lovely to have these images in print at last.  I’ve included some shots of the book below.

I now offer packages which include a book at the end of one or two sessions, called ‘Storytelling Packages’.  Please go to my prices page to find out more about this.


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