Graduation Princess

June 2nd, 2014 admin Blog No comments

I was contacted by a woman from Canada, who asked me if I could photograph her granddaughter in one of our local Scottish Castle’s.  We agreed on Caerlaverock, as it’s so beautiful to photograph and there are so many interesting nooks and crannies, so we booked the date and crossed our fingers for good weather.

It seems that it’s popular in Canada and the USA for recently graduated young adults to have a photo shoot in their gown to mark their graduation.  I had slightly misunderstood the brief, and admit to expecting Madi to turn up in a black gown and mortar board, which I must admit I was feeling a little uninspired about.  When I saw Madi in her beautiful black and white gown I was pleasantly surprised and relieved.   Madi was up for anything, and after a little bit of a warm-up outside getting to know each other, by the time we entered the ruined castle she was happy to scale the walls in her gown and bare feet. Following this, we drove to the Crichton in Dumfries for the last half an hour.

Madi was a pleasure to photograph, and Giles and I really enjoyed the time we spent with her and her grandparents who were such lovely people.  I’m pleased to say they are thrilled with the photo’s – here are a few of my favourites.












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