Imogen & Gil

January 22nd, 2014 admin Blog No comments

When Alice Rose was first set up, I took some photo’s of little Imogen to help build up my portfolio, and supposedly her eldest brother Gil had been keen to get his photo’s done ever since.  Never one to turn down a child keen to get their photo taken, particularly a boy (a rarity in my experience!) I was thrilled when their mum got in touch to book me.

When we met up, the rain clouds quickly started to gather and before we knew it, the rain was falling down in bucketloads!  After taking shelter at my house which was nearby, and lots of cups of tea,  we were about to abandon the session when the sun came out in full glory.  Getting excited about the amazing, dramatic light, I dragged them all out to one of my favourite nearby spots.  We didn’t spend too long on this session, but I’m so pleased with what we got at the end of it, with both kids being so cooperative, and coming up with ideas as well as listening to mine.  Mum was so pleased with the results, she ordered a large canvas of the image below, which looked fantastic!



Gill_Imogen_20131103_066f Gill_Imogen_20131103_052f

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