Introducing Lily

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I met up with the adorable Lily and her parents in October, 2013.  The parents were given a Gift Voucher from dad’s place of work when Lily was born, and they felt that Lily was at the right age to get some great pictures.  And how right they were!  I’ve yet to meet such a happy, smiley baby, Lily was a pure joy to photograph.

We spent the session near Kirkcudbright Marina.  For those who know the area, there are some small grassy areas here and it’s a great spot to get some nice shots with different backdrops.  Lily was happy to lie on the blanket, cuddle her teddy and laughed along the way.  It was only about half way through that hunger got the better of her, and despite a few attempts to rekindle the smile, we decided to call it a day.

Lily was around 6 months, which is a great age to photograph babies. At this age onwards, they can often sit up unaided, can interact and show emotion, which creates plenty of opportunities for some great shots. It was brilliant that her parents wanted to be involved in the shoot, and now they have some nice memories of Lily to look back on.







Lily_SA_20131001_099bw Lily_SA_20131001_097bw




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