My beautiful butterfly

July 1st, 2012 admin Blog No comments

My poor long suffering daughter. I am forever photographing her and today was no exception to the rule.

We had all gone down to Kirkcudbright Children’s festival this morning, which is always fun for the kids. As always we came home with arms full of inflatable hammers and stuffed toys, and my youngest had her face painted. She loves butterflies so the face painter obliged and did a wonderful job.  After the festival, we then dragged our poor little butterfly food shopping and as the afternoon went on her paint and wonderful glitter slowly came off, but one thing I noticed was how the colours made her eyes look so amazing.

As soon as we got home I got my camera out, and found a scarf I own whichI felt would complement her eyes even more and wound her hair off her face.  I can see my daughter’s tired and looks a little fed up…but I love the simplicity of this image.  Most of all, I love how her eyes jump out of the photo. She is my beautiful little butterfly.

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