My Lovely New Lens

March 17th, 2013 admin Blog No comments

I received a new lens a few days ago, a Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM lens to be precise (for those of you who are interested!)  I had read great things about this being a fantastic portrait lens, so when it arrived in the post, naturally I was desperate to get out and give it a test run.  Luckily for me, not only did the weather turn in my favour later on that day, but my eldest daughter Faye was keen to come out with me and do some ‘modelling’.

Faye and I always have a laugh when we do these little shoots together.  She loves to come up with her own poses, some of them rather strange it has to be said, but I have an agreement that if she will do one of mine, I will then return the favour with one of hers.  We walked along the river, played pooh sticks at our very own Kirkcudbright pooh bridge, and had loads of fun taking photos and mucking about.

I have to say that so far I’m really impressed with the lens, and am really happy with the results of this afternoon with Faye. Can’t wait to get out with it again very soon.

FBFaye07-14March13 FBFaye05-14March13 FBFaye04a-14March13 FBFaye03-14March13 FBFaye02-14March13

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