Teen Fashion Shoot

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Hannah’s mum had approached me about doing a shoot for her daughter quite a few months prior to our session in June.  She wanted to give her a treat, the full works including her make up done, then onto a couple of hours with me.

We met up on the day at Pure Beauty, who did a great job on Hannah’s make up  which she seemed really pleased with.  It was then a quick change into her first outfit, then we went off to our first location together.  As it was a lovely sunny early evening, I wanted to find a spot with some shade initially, to get some nice and even light and different textures in the background.  There is a lane with lots of fantastic backdrops such as peeling painted doors and old brick walls just near to where we met up, so I took her there to go for a bit more of an edgy ‘editorial’ look.  She looked amazing, and I think she was really starting to feel like a model when she got into the swing of it.

After another quick outfit change, we were picked up by Giles and ventured out to new locations to follow the sun going down.  We shot along the river dee walk and on the bridge. We even drove out to a field full of cows to try and get a shot, but my fear of the beasts got the better of me and I didn’t manage to get what I was after, particularly when they all started charging towards us!  The shoot finally ended up at the iconic wrecked boat on Dee Walk, the colours of the rotting boat looking so fantastic next to Hannah’s final outfit change, a glamorous blue evening dress.

I really enjoyed this session with Hannah.  She is such a great girl, and I think she really enjoyed being a model for the day.  Here are a few of my favourite shots.

blog-Ryan_20130618_026f blog-Ryan_20130618_016f

Ryan_20130618_065f Ryan_20130618_047f


Ryan_20130618_256f Ryan_20130618_250f


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